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The Matt Keller Leadership Channel

Feb 1, 2016

The reality is that as our organizations grow the leaders inside the organizations must grow as well. Every leader must take a hard look at the teams to identifying the gaps. We have all seen instances when our team members are great at one level of the organization but as the organization grows and makes the jump to the next level, those same leaders that were awesome at one level our now struggling at the next. In the second episode, Kyle Jackson interviews Matt Keller on the three indicators we need to look for when identifying these gaps on our teams and three things a leader must do to help that team member close that gap. The degree that we are willing to deal with the gaps will be the degree we are able to grow and succeed. Our limits as a team or an organization center around our willingness to identify those gaps and you will find as you listen to this episode that it’s worth having these hard conversations.