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The Matt Keller Leadership Channel

Dec 22, 2015


About the Podcast

Matt Keller is a Pastor, Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach. For the first time ever, his resources on organizational and personal leadership are now available on the Matt Keller Leadership Podcast. Through his teaching you will gain valuable tools and insights that will help you get to the next level on your leadership journey.

The Burden of Leadership

Chances are, you’re feeling the burden of leadership and are wondering if it will ever lessen or just go away completely once you’ve reached a certain level. The unfortunate truth is that the stress of leadership never goes away.  In this first episode, How to Handle the Stress of Leadership, Kyle Jackson interviews Matt on the inevitable stress that comes with leadership, regardless of what level of leadership you’re in, and how to handle it in a healthy way. You can expect to hear great examples of healthy outlets for stress relief you can try as well as how Matt personally handles the stress of his leadership role. You will also learn other ways to continue growing as a leader that will fill you up and refresh you along the way.