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The Matt Keller Leadership Channel

May 20, 2017

Hard Conversations are inevitable. Leaders, your organization is two hard conversations away from going to the next level and you probably already know who you need to have those conversations with. You cannot avoid hard conversations and hope that the problem will go away. Tune in to this month’s episode of...

May 12, 2017


Ever experience the frustration of having accomplished a lot of things, and yet you find you have arrived at the end of your week and there are still things that must get done? 
In this episode of the Assistant Takeover, Matt Keller and his Executive Assistant discuss all things scheduling. Listen now and learn how to...

May 7, 2017

Welcome to the first episode our new program called Values on the 7. For the next 7 months, on the 7th of the month, we will talk about the 7 leadership behavioral values of Next Level Church. These values guide how we behave as leaders and can help you with those you lead in your organization.

In this episode, we talk...

May 1, 2017

A leader should always be noticing, listening and learning. In this month’s episode of the 1st Conversation, Matt answers the question, “What does a leader need to be doing?” Tune in as Matt and Kyle discuss the 3 things that can fuel forward momentum for your organization.